Taming the Inner Critic

Have you ever had a friend who pointed out all your defects? Who reminded you of all the mistakes you have made in the past? Someone who constantly told you your limitations?

Most of us wouldn´t have friends like these for very long. We would dread their presence and avoid them. 

This unpleasant "friend "  is the inner conversation we have with ourselves. Whatever our objective, there is the inner voice reminding us of our limitations.

Michael Singer's book, The Untethered Soul, speaks of this as if one would have a roommate, but the roommate is the voice in our head that doesn't stop talking. His book devotes all of chapter 2 to describe how this anoying voice distracts and exhausts us.   

For me and most people I know, that inner voice has been a source of confusion, ambiguity and procrastination. The wet blanket that keeps the spark of creativity and self confidence dampened. 

How does one begin to get rid of the inner critic? Personally, it has been an ebb and flow journey. The key for me has been to notice when it has interjected its view. When am I listening to the negative feedback and