Cutting through Diet Dogma.

 Who hasn´t secretly hoped that if only we found the magical diet, all would be right with the world? There are a lot of diet books that promise this and more if we follow the instructions in detail.


The latest  rage is  about the Keto and Paleo diet. There are countless books and websites with insrtructions and testimonials as to how wonderful this eating style is. And I agree, it is a great way to lose weight for many people. The problem with this and any other diet dogma is the absolutism...this is the only way! the other ways are for the unenlightened!


 untill recently my whole adult life  has been governed by these extremes. I grew up in a very ilberal area and the "evolved" people around me were all vegetarian for humane purposes. I read all the books about factory farming and animal cruelty and became a card carrying member. That worked for about 10 years and in my mid twenties, my health started to deteriorate and in came a new phase of Atkins...yes, it was an extreme change prodded by a concerned family member who was certain I was doing myself harm and this opposite diet  was the only way to recover.